Friday, January 19, 2007

Mark 3:2

Mark 3:2 - Some of them were looking for a reason to accuse Jesus... (NIV)

I think it's a very common thing for people to look for a reason to accuse Jesus. As soon as he enters a conversation, or even someone's thoughts, there's a bit of a challenge there. I suppose this might be different if you are completely in denial of God's existence - but if you're one of the many agnostics who has a pseudo-belief, then the concept of Jesus can be confronting. As a non-Christian, you may find yourself having feelings of guilt, or maybe even of anger.

Mark writes about people who were being confronted by Jesus in a very direct way. He was on earth in physical form, and attracting followers. So for anyone who was determined to not follow him, well, they would've been just like the average non-Christian... wanting to find ways to appease their feelings of guilt and anger - and lashing out.

So why not stop accusing Jesus and listen to him instead? The best way of appeasing your guilt and anger is to be forgiven.

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