Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I Samuel 23:15-29

When Saul gets word as to David's location he sets out with a bunch of men to find and track down David.

David figures this out and starts the escape process, however, Saul and his men are closing in on David (v26).

Things aren't going well. for David. His enemy wants to hunt him down and kill him (1 Samuel 20:31), and it looks like the noose is tightening.

This would be a desperate time for David, it would have been tines like this that he wrote psalms like Psalm 17, which is a cry Lo God for help.

Because David had a habit of pouring out his heart and earnestly pleading his case with the Lord, he could see the Lord working.

So when a messenger arrived with news about a Philistine invasion that required the kings attention, David knew at once that the Lord had heard his prayer and had delivered him.
In this situation, David would probably write a Psalm of praise such as Psalm 18.

What is our prayer testimony like? Do we pour out our heart to the Lord and thank and praise Him when He graciously acts on our behalf?

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